ART52 permanent exhibition of the artistic handcraft in Ortisei - Val Gardena

 Open every day
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09.00 a.m. 10.00 p.m.
   free entry

Information about ART 52

52 exhibitors welcome you!
Here you can admire handcarved sculptures and art-paintings by craftsmen from Val Gardena and locally produced carvings. Please ask the exhibitors for any further information, price, etc.

At the ART52 permanent exhibition of the artistic handcraft in Gardena Valley at the Congress Center in Ortisei/ St.Ulrich visitors can admire woodcarvings of our best artists and artisans. In Gardena Valley woodcarving, painting and gilding are crafts with a long famous tradition. The beginning of Gardena's artistic woodcarving dates back to the middle of the 17th century. Since then woodcarving became the most important economic activity in the valley, getting well known all over the world through its unique masterpieces and original products. The permanent exhibition ART52 of Gardenese arts and crafts shows hand carved work of individually working sculptors as well as products of large organized workshops. Completely hand carved sculptures are marked with specially created trade - mark ( a small metal plate ) which is accompanied by a certificate guaranteed by the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano.


Bernardi Hermann - Krippenland Demetz Helene
Comploj Andreas Moroder Conrad G.m.b.H / S.r.l.
Demetz Giovanni Moroder Filip
Prinoth Luca Rumerio Giuseppe
Holzknecht Christian STL Gebr. Oberbacher
Salcher Werner OHG Kostner Norman
Rabanser Florian ARS SACRA 1875 Ferdinand Stuflesser
Pancheri Walter Demetz Art Studio
LEPI – Prinoth Leo PEMA SRL
DOLFI Team Vinatzer Norbert
Mussner Josef – Zorz Kostner Alexander Guido
Mussner Giac. Vincenzo Walpoth Bruno
Romy KG des Mahlknecht Teo & Co. Canins Franz
Obletter Ivan Piazza Ivo
Perathoner Stefan Verginer Willy
Perathoner Helmut Runggaldier Alfons
Prugger Gregor Senoner Flavio
Senoner Richard Demetz Peter
Senoner Erich & Klaus Moroder Gerald
Demetz Georg Demetz Fabian
Senoner Wilhelm Insam Norbert da Trebe
Bergmeister Georg Perathoner Ferdinando Scultori
Runggaldier Hermann Josef Moroder Walter
Prinoth Herbert Piccolruaz Filip
Senoner Viktor Perathoner Eric
Anvidalfarei Stephan Demetz Lozenz
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